Direct Mail Programs

Our Donation and Subscription programs are designed with one goal: MMS wants to make your organization look as professional as possible and give your residents and businesses an understanding of why they should donate or subscribe to your campaign.

You are the guiding force in producing your direct mail program. We work closely with you to help you design an appealing and professional mailing. With many options and styles to choose from, a majority of our programs are completely customizable to meet your needs.

Donation and subscription responses are returned DIRECTLY to you for deposit to your bank.

Most of our programs include these basic features:
Custom designed MMS #10 business envelope
Custom designed MMS #9 envelope for the reply to your donation or subscription request which goes directly to your organization
A custom designed newsletter (designed by you with the assistance of your Account Executive)
Donation request or subscription form (many styles to choose from)
Compliance with USPS regulations regarding address validation to CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify your mailing list
Exception reports for addresses that don't validate to the USPS database
Comparison of your mailing list with the USPS NCOA (National Change of Address) database to remove resident names that have moved
Complete collation of your mailing materials and mail preparation in accordance with USPS pre-sorting requirements
Electronic submission of the required mailing documentation to the USPS to qualify for USPS Full Service postage discounts
Online access to MuniciTRAC to view your account status and progress of your campaign
Segment your mailing list to track streets, housing plans, apartments, business sizes, etc. AND assign different request amounts to specific areas
EXCLUSIVE: Annual Face-to-Face meeting with your Account Executive to plan and design your annual campaign
EXCLUSIVE: Mail Preparation Certified personnel to prepare your mailing for submission to the USPS

Depending on which MMS program style or options you choose:
File maintenance for posting your donations or subscriptions and changing name or address information
Generation of numerous reports so you can track your campaign progress (including audit report of all file maintenance activity)
Detailed statistical analysis of your campaign results
Full 8-1/2" x 14" CUSTOMIZED color newsletter with your pictures and information
Thank you letters or postcards to your contributors
Full-view window envelope

Municipal Marketing Services does not force our customers to use a "cookie cutter" template. Your campaign is custom designed the way you want it to appear to your "customers." We make it as easy as possible to allow you to portray the professionalism of your organization and help you in every step.

Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in the Fire Service, EMS Service and other first responder vocations and knows what works and what doesn't when designing your campaign. We truly want to help you look your best to the public!