Partners ProgramŽ

Making your organization look professional is one of the most important aspects of your fund raising efforts. However, we at Municipal Marketing Services recognize that not every organization needs the full service of a direct mail fundraising expert such as Municipal Marketing Services.

The people from which you solicit contributions or subscriptions will more readily respond to your request if you present your request in a well planned, thoughtful, professional looking package.

Knowing that this approach will allow your organization to maximize their return, Municipal Marketing Services has developed the Partners ProgramŽ. This allows you to purchase our critically acclaimed, professionally designed, fund raising materials directly from us for use within your own organization. Forms, fire or EMS envelopes, and more.

From laser donation forms, envelopes and full color newsletters to an array of other materials, we can supply your organization with the materials needed to continue to project the positive image you have worked so hard to establish.

We can also provide envelope stuffing, sorting to USPS (United States Postal Service) specifications, CASS certification, mailing form preparation and much more.

Contact one of our sales offices today for more information on the Municipal Marketing Services Partners ProgramŽ!