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Currently serving over 3,200 customers, Municipal Marketing Services is the pioneer in direct mail fundraising. We have been serving America's heroes since 1980 and are confident that with the professionally designed fund drive and subscription programs we have available, we can CUSTOMIZE one to fit the needs of your organization.

With customers throughout the United States, Municipal Marketing Services maintains the largest address database in the industry with over 6,500,000 addresses on file (mailing over 15,000,000 mail pieces annually). Using technology that is leading the industry, production of your fund drive or subscription program is guaranteed to be completed ON-TIME, in a professional manner and with PERSONAL contact every step of the way.

Throughout our website, you'll find answers to some basic questions about what the leader - Municipal Marketing Services - can do for your organization.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us either by phone or e-mail and we'll come meet with you face-to-face.

We look forward to adding you to our growing customer list!! Check around, your neighboring Fire Department or EMS Service is most likely already using the leader - Municipal Marketing Services for their direct mail fund drive or subscription program and we look forward to working with you!